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Amazon Eliminates Numerous Products From Its India Site

Amazon Eliminates Numerous Products From Its India Site

E-commerce regulations that came into effect in India this week caused extensive disruption for The situation forced the firm to take down a range of products from its India website. It includes batteries, Echo speakers, and floor cleaners. About two sources with the direct familiarity with this matter proclaimed that the products began to get removed from the Amazon India site as the firm initiated to comply with the modified norms before deadline.

One of the sources stated that the firm has no other option. While the firm will fulfill a compliance requirement, customers will be suffered from this change. In December 2018, India amended Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations for its growing e-commerce industry. Reportedly, this has drawn key bets from not only but also the likes of Walmart, which last year purchased a huge stake in Flipkart, a homegrown e-commerce player.

On a similar note, earlier, Amazon inventors were busy recommending the firm to use drone-dispensing rail cars, trucks, and airships to deliver packages. However, one of the firm’s latest patents lays out a more routine path for its potential customers: collecting their purchased products from public buses.

As stated in the patent, the system calls for establishing storage sections on buses or other vehicles. This will allow riders with the official codes to release a designated section and collect their item. Reportedly, customers have an option to specify the place and the time for the collecting there product when they put in their online order. In the application, Bhatt explained that a user can select to have items dispatched to a mobile pickup location on a public bus. They can select the bus they take every day for traveling from the office to home, or which stops at a bus stop that is suitable for them.

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