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Once Again, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Is Moving Toward The Sun

Once Again, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Is Moving Toward The Sun

It has been some time since we last listened from the Parker Solar Probe. A latest post from the space agency hints it is now is set for the Sun-bound probe. It recently started its 2nd of 24 intended stellar orbits. Its foremost orbital journey was completed by Parker Solar Probe completed around the Sun, getting to its aphelion point, i.e., its furthest orbital expanse from our star, on Jan 19, 2019, as per the NASA report. And once again, it is moving in the direction of its target; anticipated to get to its subsequent perihelion—the nearest position along its orbital path to the Sun—on April 4, 2019.

This significant landmark was attained by the Parker Solar Probe in 161 Days into the assignment and it appears that all is going fine to date. At present, the probe is conveying information to Earth utilizing agency’s Deep Space Network—a series of space-based devices and Earth-based radio antennas developed to back spacecraft assignments. So far, the probe has sent back 17 GB of valuable scientific data to Earth, said NASA, however, it won’t be until April that the complete particulars of its foremost visit around the Sun will be conveyed back home. The probe is collecting unique information with its set of instruments—information that will assist researchers to understand more regarding the corona of Sun and how stellar particles and material generated by the star travel through space at soaring speeds.

On a similar note, a stunning new picture has been released by OSIRIS-REx mission of NASA that is revolving around an asteroid nearer than any craft has ever orbited an entity. The probe orbiting merely around 1.6 km (1 mile) above the surface of Bennu, offering its cameras an implausible sight of the rocky surface of the asteroid.

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