October 2, 2023
Opioid Affects People In More Ways Than Assumed; Accidents Is One Of Them

Opioids are prescribed to relieve pains of various degrees. However, Care must be exercised while taking them. Opioids were one of the prime reasons for the drivers to crash their vehicles as found by a study on 13 years of accidents starting 1993.  54.7% of the drivers were on opioids while driving. Though medications carry warnings, the drivers do not seem to be aware or do not care. Before the opioids gained popularity in 1991, the accidents were just 1%.

Oxycodone is used as a pain reliever. It comes in extended-release form and is meant for containing pains over long periods.  Breaking, chewing, dissolving or crushing it may result in overdose and death.

Morphine is usually injected intravenously. This can also be a pill. It controls chronic pains not controlled by other pain relievers. Mixing it with other medications or alcohol in-take might create breathing problems or death.

Meperidine is a pain medication for postpartum mothers and generally to be taken once every three-four hours. It is also administered as anesthesia before a surgery. Medical personnel are known to mistake it for morphine as the name and appearance are similar.

Hydromorphone is a highly effective pain killer. Medical personnel are known to mistake it for morphine as the name and appearance are similar.

Methadone relieves chronic pain but is also used to counter withdrawal symptoms of patients addicted to drugs. As many other opioids, this can cause side effects like mood changes, nausea, sweating, headache, insomnia and weakness.

Buprenorphine is known as different opioid, it causes only a “partial opioid agonist” unlike others. Withdrawal symptoms are also lesser compared to others. However, crushing, injecting or snorting might result in death.

Heroin is available only illegally, its users are normally the abusers of other prescription opioids.

Fentanyl is used by patients who are immune to other opioids. Patients are administer this powerful medicine through transdermal patch or injection

Hydrocodone, The US Food and Drug Administration say this is the most misused pain killer. It can result in slow breathing, constricted pupils, clammy skin and even death.

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