PlayStation Vue Now Allows You See 4 Channels On Apple TV At Once

PlayStation Vue Now Allows You See 4 Channels On Apple TV At Once

Sony is conveying multi-view feature of PlayStation Vue to the Apple TV. This allows consumers see multiple channels at the same time. Till now, multi-view has only operated on the firm’s own console (PlayStation 4), so it is good to see other gadgets receiving one of Vue’s exceptional features. The PS4 can stream 3 channels at the same time, but the Apple TV application will now be capable of displaying 4 live channels simultaneously.

Sony thinks that this feature is most advantageous to sports fans, as they can watch various games without having to flip backward and forward between them. So it is possibly no luck that multi-view is making an entry on Apple TV eventually for the college basketball 2019 March Madness tournament. Apart from sports, the media found the functionality to be handy for evaluating coverage of breaking news events all over various networks.

On a related note, Sony earlier claimed that it is increasing the price of its pay-TV & over-the-top service PlayStation Vue by almost $5 per month for all 4 tiers of users, the firm declared this week in a blog post. Sony does not offer a solid explanation for the increment in the price, other than to add it up to “increasing business prices.” The cheapest plan of PlayStation Vue, dubbed as Access, will now have a price tag of $44.99, rather than earlier $39.99, per month, while its most costly Ultra plan will now has a price label of $84.99. Sony eliminated its most affordable Slim plan in July 2017.

It is very probable that Sony, similar to other pay-TV suppliers, is encountering elevated fiscal pressure from rights holders, which might be increasing the licensing prices to lucrative forms and live content of entertainment. These factors keep users subscribing to services such as Vue.

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