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UAE’s DP World To Open Its 1st Hyperloop In India

UAE’s DP World To Open Its 1st Hyperloop In India

Chairman of DP World is revealed their plan to launch the first ever hyperloop project soon in India. DP World is a leading operator in ports across the world. In 2018, a partnership deal was signed between Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World which belongs to the state of UAE for starting off a cargo transporter. They have revealed the name of the place soon, and it would be the largest democracy in the world – India. At the event of World Government Summit held in Dubai, Chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem informed that the destination has already been selected, agreement signed and now they are searching for ways to test the project.

DP World is indeed excited to begin their new venture and Sulayem said that they strongly believe that the investment they are going to made would turn out to be really fruitful. India being a massively overpopulated and congested nation needs this transportation. He also said that since the latest technology would run underground and completely out of the public eye, it would a great solution for a country with huge population. Virgin Hyperloop One has been listed as one of the very few companies that are trying to build technologies which would change the definition of transporting people and goods.

Tesla had been the first one to envision the hyperloop transport back in 2013. It is a technology confirmed to have better speed that air transport yet with much less cost. Technology will use propel pods that will run through large tubes beneath the ground at a speed of 750 mph. It uses magnets. There has been no announcement of a particular date for the launch or the beginning of the work. Their office work at Los Angeles is at progress and something would come up very soon.

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