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Astronaut Twins Play With Earth’s Lights In Super Bowl Ad

A new advertisement by Amazon shows Mark Kelly and Scott Kelly (twin astronaut brothers) accidentally causing universal power blips in an event named “The Incident.” At the end of the 90-second advertisement, Scott Kelly floats over to a board on the ISS (International Space Station) as he listens to automated virtual-assistant service by Amazon’s Alexa state, “Powering up, powering down, powering up, powering down.”

“She claims she is doing it, but I see nothing,” the astronaut shouts. “Do you?”

From exterior, Mark Kelly is displayed on a spacewalk. He sees down at the Earth and views the alarming sight of complete regions full of lights turning on and off. “Holy …” he claims. The ad does not make it obvious if the Kelly brothers were accountable for the fictional situation. At the starting, two individuals in an Amazon cafeteria converse about the hurdles of using Alexa in different platforms.

On a related note, NASA earlier named twelve astronauts to the primary new class of space fliers of the U.S. space agency in 5 years, chosen from a documentation 18,300 applicants, for a new epoch of space journey. Vice President of the U.S., Mike Pence, welcomed the 7 men and 5 women, aged between 28 and 42, during their introduction at Johnson Space Center of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Houston.

Pence claimed that the White House intended to create a committee to give advice to the President of the U.S., Donald Trump, on space strategy and policy, re-launching a body that has been motionless for over 25 years. “Trump is resolutely committed to noble mission of NASA heading America in space,” Pence claimed, pointing that only 338 Americans have worked as astronauts in NASA.

The learners comprise a scientist functioning with the Curiosity, the Mars robotic rover; a professor form Massachusetts Institute of Technology; a SpaceX engineer; and an Army surgeon.

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