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Details Of Obama As Well As Netflix Deal Revealed

Details Of Obama As Well As Netflix Deal Revealed

Michelle and Barack Obama are all set to start a production partnership with Netflix. The former president of the USA and his wife announced in 2018 that they have signed a 2 year deal with Netflix for the unscripted and scripted films and series. The production house company named as Higher Ground Production and has staffed experienced employees from MTV, FX Networks and ESPN. It will produce projects emphasizing on ‘new and diverse voices’. The production company will be headed by two co-heads Tonia Davis and Priya Swaminathan with Qadriyyah “Q” Shamsid-Deen as a creative executive.

In a statement, Barack Obama said that all the people who are in the company are very talented and highly experienced. He titled them as masterful storytellers, veterans from the industry who not only involve their life experiences and unique perspectives but are also keen involved in searching the fresh voices who are carrying their own stories to tell. I and Michelle are very excited being assembling such a talented team, added Former President.

Michelle Obama said that their goal is not only focused on making people think, instead, they are focused on make people feel and exit their comfort zones. She added that the production house team involving Tonia, Q and Priya will thread every story coming out from their production house, with immense of empathy, creativity, and wistfulness. She said that she is confident enough that every product from their company will inspire people to become something more than what they are at present. She added that she is thrilled about the team, happy to be a part of this team and people in the company. With this new endeavor, the Obama couple is determined to provide a good platform for new immerging voices with inspirational stories, triggering people to come out from their comfort zones.

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