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EVs Make It Big At The Geneva Motor Show—Recent Report

EVs Make It Big At The Geneva Motor Show—Recent Report

Electrical vehicles are making a beeline to the Geneva Motor Show scheduled to begin this week to put their best foot forward. The most awaited debut is of Ferrari’s Pininfarina Battista with 1900 horsepower which is an all-electric car. The show will have several battery based cars making their initial debut even though all-electric and hybrid cars are yet to make a make a serious impact on global automobile market. But it is obvious that car makers believe in the future of these products and in this biggest automobile show of Europe there will be a host of electric cars.

Almost every carmaker across the world irrespective of its size is developing battery vehicles and while some of them have opted for hybrid vehicles several of them are opting for 100 percent electric cars. Large brands like Volvo and BMW will offer batter based options for all their current and future cars within a decade. General Motors stated that they are already on the path to start making only fully electrical vehicles and will shortly eliminate internal combustion engines completely. The Geneva Motor Show this year will show the impact of electric vehicle on the automobile market.

The Palexpo convention center has battery based automobiles of all types like e-scooters like Streetmate and Cityskaeter built by Volkswagen. Mazda has brought along its CX30 crossover which has a breakthrough power train technique called homogeneous charge compression ignition with a “mild-hybrid” technology. The car has a Skyactiv-X engine technology that works on small electric motor which is paired with 24-volt lithium ion battery. Honda too is trying to impress European market with its latest Honda-E that is a tiny hatchback city car with three doors and electric range of 125 miles that is expected to be ready for sale later this year. Kia has also launched a concept for a five door CUV tentatively titled Imagine that will be a pure battery-electric vehicle.

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