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Facebook Declines Accusations That Half Of Its Accounts Are Bogus

Facebook Declines Accusations That Half Of Its Accounts Are Bogus

Facebook has as referred a report as “unequivocally false,” which asserts the social networking platform hoards 1 Billion false accounts, as mentioned by a media report. As per a Daily Mail report, a previous classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, asserted that the social media giant swarms 1 Billion bogus accounts or 50% of its entire users across the world.

Aaron Greenspan, who was at Harvard University from 2002 to 2004 with Zuckerberg, in a report of 70 pages named “Reality Check,” stated that Facebook has been growing its worldwide user number since 2004. Facebook, in the 2017’s second quarter, accounted that “an account maintained by a user other than his/her principal account,” or duplicate accounts, involved 6% of its worldwide monthly active users.

Furthermore, graphs from the transparency portal of Facebook display that bogus accounts it had taken action against consisted of 32.6% of users in 2017’s last quarter. In 2018’s third quarter, that digit ascended to 33.2% of monthly active users.

Nevertheless, the most recent reporting of the social media giant displays otherwise. In a reporting with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm approximates that between 3 and 4% of accounts on the platform are bogus, which is a considerably lower percentage than the projected 50% by Greenspan, the report mentioned.

On the other hand, Facebook is not just concerned regarding the impact it might confer on the US elections. The website is introducing variants of its political ad archive to global markets as well prior to this year’s elections in India, Europe, Israel, and Ukraine, said the firm recently.

The ad archive—that is a “publicly searchable records” of all political ads on the platform—will comprise data such as who compensated for an advertisement, how many individuals it got to, and demographic data in relation to which groups the advertisement was targeted to.

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