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Gmail Seems To Be Down In India And Parts Of Europe

Gmail Seems To Be Down In India And Parts Of Europe

An outage is being faced by Gmail in regions of the world with a “404 Error” reported by users while attempting to launch the website. Other Google services such as News, YouTube, and so on don’t seem to be impacted. Gmail is apparently down in regions of India and Europe. The Gmail, as per, is facing problems since 6:16 AM EST—that is about 4:46 PM IST—January 29. Log-in was the most reported (42%) issue, whereas 31% users mentioned they could not obtain messages. Around 25% of the users mentioned an issue with the website.

Google itself has corroborated the outage, although users took it to Twitter to mention Gmail’s “404 Error.” The app status dashboard of Google—that displays the information of all services—was also revised to reveal a Gmail outage. In a statement, Google said, “We are aware of an issue with Gmail that is impacting a noteworthy part of users. Also, if there are reports that one hears about any of our services being impacted, feel free to see this external dashboard for more data in real time.”

Likewise, earlier in the day, Instagram, the famous social networking & photo-sharing application, was down for about 3 H. The outage was accounted in Europe, the US, Australia, & the UK markets. The users weren’t capable of refresh News Feed or logging in.

Even Instagram took it to Twitter to bear out about the outage and afterward posted that the issue had been solved. The users were not able to see new stories or refresh their feed during the outage. Instagram, on their Twitter feed, mentioned, “We are aware of a problem that impacted the application to be down this afternoon for few users. We recognize this is annoying and our team is functioning speedily to mend it. We will inform you here after it is completely resolved.”

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