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HP To Make A New VR Headset With A High Resolution

HP To Make A New VR Headset With A High Resolution

HP is aiming for a high-resolution & comfortable headset for Microsoft’s VR (officially, “Windows Mixed Reality”) platform. The media posted a preview of the headset, which is dubbed internally as “Copper” and has no certified release date or price. It does not seem much like other devices for Windows Mixed Reality, comprising HP’s first-gen device, which rolled out in 2017.

The Copper headset sports a 2160 × 2160 pixels of resolution per eye. That does not beat 8K headset by Pimax or super high-resolution display prototype by LG and Google, both of which are near to 4,000 pixels per eye. It is still a huge increment from first-gen VR headsets such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, or even from the updated Vive Pro, which provides resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. Resolution also is not the only aspect in a good way. But HP is not considerably extending the field of view—a remarkable restriction for most VR devices.

On a related note, HTC earlier declared a new VR headset dubbed as the Vive Cosmos. On the basis of a very brief appearance at the CES presentation of the company, the Cosmos is the company’s attempt at a comparatively mainstream VR device.

It employs completely tracked motion controllers and does not need external sensors, and it is being pitched as a suitable headset with “easy setup” and “absolute comfort,” aimed for either mobile or home employment. But we do not know what its exact capabilities are, how price tag it has, or when it’s going to roll out—even though HTC twitted that it is “coming soon,” and a media report claims it will provide development kits early this year. The Cosmos is believed to link to a computer at first, but can possibly branch to other systems.

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