Inflated Prices Make iPhone Shipments Fall Significantly In China

Inflated Prices Make iPhone Shipments Fall Significantly In China

The iPhone shipments of the tech-giant apple fell significantly during this fourth quarter in China and the numbers are indeed a cause for concern for the company. As per the reports, the shipments fell nearly 19.9% and this is because of a number of things including the soaring prices of the iPhones. The details regarding the same were revealed by a research firm named IDC on this Monday. Many of these things were reflected in the earnings of the company last month. The company has also revealed the fact that the revenue of the iPhone has gone down by nearly 15% for this particular quarter.

The company is blaming this downfall on numerous factors including the weakening economy in China along with the strength of the US dollar. The shipment losses of the company in China are also because of another competitor named Huawei, whose shipments have increases substantially, by nearly 23.3% in the same period. In addition to this, some other phone makers such as Oppo as well as Vivo have also observed some shipment gains of nearly 1.5% and 3.1% respectively.

As per the IDC, there are no serious modifications as far as the features of the newly launched iPhones are considered and therefore there is no good reason for the people to upgrade their machines at such high prices at all. The high prices are undeniably the reason for the decline of these models in the domestic market and since the other competitors are providing phones with technology which is at par with these models in many aspects and at relatively lower prices, the people prefer them over the iPhones. The newly launched iPhones cost immensely high as the XR model starts at $749 and the XS model costs nearly $1,449 if the maximum storage option is availed by the customer.

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