Microsoft Is Aiming To Operate Its Whole Business On Clean Energy

Microsoft Is Aiming To Operate Its Whole Business On Clean Energy

Microsoft is continuously stepping forward to accomplish its desired goal of utilizing only renewable energy to power its entire operations, which requires an estimated power of 1.4 gigawatts. Recently, the organization has signed contracts individually with two upcoming renewable energy generation projects.

Last week, Microsoft has signed a deal with Wilkinson Solar Energy Center of North Carolina to purchase solar-derived renewable energy for a period of 15 Years. The project is still under construction, and after completion will generate power of 74 megawatts. In the same week, the organization finalized another deal of the same tenure for the purchase of energy from the Timber Road IV Wind Farm, Ohio that is currently inactive. The project will be operational by the end of the current year and will provide the power of 125 megawatts.

Microsoft is targeting solar and wind-based renewable energy utilization to power its data networks 24/7. The company is trying to accomplish its short-term goal of deriving 60% of its consumed energy from renewables till earlier 2020.

The firm has also been discovering other approaches to cut energy consumption levels. They are trying to practically generate gas-powered data centers that utilize natural gas to operate fuel cells for renewable energy production.

In March 2018, the company achieved its goal of utilizing 50% of renewable sources-generated energy to operate its data centers. Last year, the firm agreed to the U.S. largest solar agreement to date delivering 315-megawatt of energy.

Not only Microsoft, but other tech giants such as Apple and Google are utilizing renewable energy to power up their huge operational projects. In the Year 2017, Google announced that it had accomplished its goal to use 100% clean energy for running its business. The global leading smartphone and PC manufacturer, Apple achieved the same goal in the Year 2018.

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