Microsoft Rolls Out New Office App For Windows 10

Microsoft Rolls Out New Office App For Windows 10

Microsoft is making available a new Office app to Windows 10 consumers. It is restoring the “My Office” application that presently exists, and it is developed to be a lot more helpful to Office consumers. It is fundamentally a center for launching latest documents, accessing the Office desktop applications, or just searching the free web editions of Office. It is a free application that will be installed by default with Windows 10, and you do not need a subscription for Office 365 to employ it.

The current My Office app has many of these functions, but the new Office app aims on the free online editions of Office if you are not subscriber for Office 365. That is something the firm has grappled to market, and many users just do not know that is present and Microsoft has free online iterations of Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. A number of users also presume Office just comes as fraction of the OS, so renaming this application to Office and giving online variants of Office applications will surely assist there, as well.

On a related note, self-driving vehicles are still prone to making errors, partially because the AI training can just justify so many scenes. MIT and Microsoft may just fill those gaps in knowledge. They have designed a model that can catch these practical “blind spots,” as MIT defines them.

The method has the AI evaluate actions of a human in a given situation to what it might have done, and modifies its behavior on the basis of how closely it matches the reaction. If an autonomous vehicle does not know how to pull over when an ambulance is coming on the street, it can learn by seeing a human driver doing the same. The model will also operate with real-time scenarios.

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