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Over 400 Channels Terminated By YouTube After Controversy Of Child Exploitation

Over 400 Channels Terminated By YouTube After Controversy Of Child Exploitation

More than 400 channels have been terminated by YouTube and millions of comments are deleted which are in response to users, advertisers and creators for uploading the videos to exploit children. The creator outreach team of YouTube have given the details in response to a video as published recently by Philip DeFranco commentator. According to a statement given by team, at YouTube all of us are working on the difficulty, and in order to keep people safe we are continuing to grow our team.

Many accounts and comments have also been reported by YouTube to law implementation, which it has to ensure in obedience with federal law. Over the last couple of days, creators and advertisers have responded to the issue following a video highlighting the issue by which widespread attention was gained. Spokesperson of YouTube said that, including the comment section, any content that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube. As there is a lot to be done, we endure to work to progress and catch exploitation very rapidly. Even though, YouTube is being criticized by a lot of people, other creators have arisen in defense of the team.

Over the years, this is something that YouTube is consistently fighting, said DeFranco in his video. To specifically address predatory behavior, company guidelines were instituted by the company on videos featuring children in the year 2017, and more control was given to the advertisers where their advertisements get sited. DeFranco said that, this is not essentially a problem of YouTube, as it is a topic with the existing online landscape. He also added that, they handled the situation, once they were made alert regarding the criminal content. Since, this is an insane argument, the best thing to be done is to report disgusting things like we would do elsewhere on the social media or internet.

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