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Popular Paris Street Want To Shun Instagrammers

Popular Paris Street Want To Shun Instagrammers

A beautiful residential street in Paris called Rue Cremieux has become a hit with people on Instagram and has received millions of likes and has been clicked at different angles with multiple vistas of its surroundings. Though residents liked the initial popularity they now seem to have enough of the attention and asked city council to restrict access to their pretty cobbled street at certain times of the day. Travel bloggers and residents also started an Instagram account about how the search for taking a perfect picture on the street by tourists could become a problem for its residents by logging details of unwanted activity.

Moved by all this activity resident have told local council to set up a gates at both entrances to the street that can be closed at peak tourist times like evenings, sunrise, sunset and weekends when people come in droves to take perfect clicks in natural light. A resident in fact complained to a local radio station that they rarely have a moment’s peace during daytime as always there is some musician making videos or tourists taking selfie at different sports or youngsters having noisy parties. Bloggers say that Instagrammers have a tendency to behave grossly in their quest to take perfect pictures.

The beautiful picture perfect street of Rue Cremieux was once a hidden gem but now these pastel colored doors and windows are much sought after by photographers and filmmakers. Bloggers say that it has become an Instagram worthy destination and now every tourist to Paris considers it their right to have one picture of themselves at this street in their album. The phenomenon of taking Instagram worthy pictures has in the instance of this street in Paris magnified into a situation where a quiet street has become a tourist destination. So the question here is who does the street belongs to – residents or Instagrammers?

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