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SJSU Students Join Forces With NASA To Launch A Satellite Into Space


Numerous San José State University (SJSU) students were feeling “superb” this morning. Their dual venture with NASA is presently floating in space. Professors, Students, and researchers at NASA Ames supported the SJSU’s Student Union, studying the Technology Education Satellite 8 (TechEdSat 8), which is being installed into the space from the International Space Station. They knew that this day came following their satellite taken to the International Space Station on “Space X 16” back on December 5, 2018. This is the collaboration between SJSU and NASA Ames.

TechEdSat 8 holds numerous communications platforms and virtual reality trials. Roberto and Jesus Rosila, students from SJSU aerospace engineering, worked on the VR project. Roberto Rosila, Master’s student, stated that he believes that it is a great honor that both siblings from a foremost generation family take something in space.

On a similar note, it is the starting of the foremost complete workweek for over 800,000 federal employees who were on unpaid leave for about 35 Days. The reason behind these leaves was a political clash over a border wall. About 43 janitorial employees and others were affected badly at NASA Ames due to this shutdown. The last paycheck of these employees was generated on December 22, 2018. Now, the entrance gate’s electronic sign says “Welcome Back Ames Family.” However, the Treasury Department is not anticipated to clear its backlog for payrolls until the upcoming week. Numerous workers missed minimum two paychecks during this shutdown period.

Families, along with the janitorial employees from NASA Ames, gathered at food pantries. Few federal workers filed for joblessness. Numerous are still worried about back pay, backlogs, and a danger to shut down the government again. With tax filing season beginning next week, a government regulator team controlling the IRS is also cautioning about a huge backlog at the agency.

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