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Aetna And Apple Join Hands For Customized Health-Tracking Application

Aetna And Apple Join Hands For Customized Health-Tracking Application

Insurance behemoth Aetna and Apple are operating together on an Apple Watch and health-tracking application and iPhone that offer consumers with tailored activity goals and recommends healthy behaviors, such as eating or sleeping better. The application, dubbed as Attain, can also tell you to take medication or get your flu shot. Those who complete suggested actions by Attain can get rewards, comprising an Apple Watch.

The firms have been operating together since 2016 on Attain and claim that it is the first app of its type. It can blend health histories of people with Apple Watch info to customize recommendations. Attain, which is only available for Aetna users, will launch in the spring with almost 250,000–300,000 spots open at the outset in the program.

You will require an Apple Watch Series 1 or later and an iPhone 5S or later to employ Attain. If potential applicants do not have an Apple Watch, Attain will offer them with a Series 3 watch.

On a related note, Medisafe, a popular iOS app and medication management platform, declared earlier that it is now compatible with Health Records on iPhone. This permits consumers to effortlessly track their medicine list without manually entering the data, all from the Medisafe app.

Medisafe was launched as an early adopter of new Health Records API by Apple back in June 2018, and now the function is launching out to consumers publicly. Incorporation with Health Records indicates that Medisafe can view a patient’s medicine history and prescription from participating doctors and hospitals, permitting it to track possibly deadly medication combinations.

“Medisafe, a medicine management app, will link with the Health Records function so users can simply import their medications list without human intervention, quickly allowing pill reminders and permitting the consumers to get appropriate medication data,” the official website claimed.

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