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Amazon To Take Over Eero, The Producer Of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Amazon To Take Over Eero, The Producer Of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Amazon recently announces that it is going to acquire Eero, which is the largest player in networking hardware known for their easily setting mesh Wi-Fi solutions. Eero, based in Bay Area was named after Eero Saarinen, started the operation since the early 2015. The company has already transported some products. Both of the companies have not revealed the amount paid in this acquisition; however Eero has raised about $90 Mn in the venture capital from its founding. There was some doubt with this acquisition as the part of bigger smart home plan, the quote in press release of Amazon saying that “The company was impressed with team of Eero and the way how rapidly they invented this Wi-Fi solution which the connected devices to work.

 Amazon has shared the vision that experience of smart home will get easier, and we are committed to carry this innovation to our customers. ” Nick Weaver, Eero’s chief has quoted that since the beginning, the mission of Eero has to make this technology work in homes. The company has started with providing Wi-Fi service as it is the foundation for modern home. All people deserve a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network in their home. By joining Amazon family, they are excited to work close with the team which is modifying future of homes, by accelerating the mission to bring the systems of Eero to more people around the world.

The products of Eero have 4.6 stars rating on Amazon store, as well as it also supports the controls by Alexa. Amazon is also pushing the feature known as Wi-Fi Simple Setup, which is trying to make the setup of networks easier.  Just as most of the services offered by contemporary mesh Wi-Fi, the products of Eero are relatively easier to set up.

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