Google Integrates Haptic Feedback To Its iPhone Keyboard

Google Integrates Haptic Feedback To Its iPhone Keyboard

iPhones have been the technologically evolved smartphones that the people are fascinated and interested in possessing it. There are a number of features built-in Apple and one of it include the haptic feedback that had been introduced in the smartphones a couple of years back. One of the surprising concepts is that the users did not even realize its presence and the other keyboards users in its absence generally paid to have the feature. Google is currently in the mode where the company is working on advancing its technologies or come up with the latest technologies so as to help compete in the competitive global market.

Google is working on building a new complete and free solution using the available technological knowledge and advancements. The search engine giant is working on its latest version of Gboard (1.40) for iOS that will have the haptic feedback option built in with key presses and will give one a surety the moment the fingertips touch the screen. Even though the option of fine-tuning the vibration strength just like in the Android will not be available the experience while using it will be significant.

The newer versions of the iPhone will also have the new sensation built in. Apple’s addition of various hi-tech features in the smartphones or other devices is helping the company carve out a name for it. Android users using the haptic feedback whether in the Google Ecosystem or other gadgets will find life easier. Apple users, on the other hand, will find its absence making the use of handsets difficult. The search giants are working on an upcoming project in which they plan to program and run Google Pixel handsets and tablets on gchips designed by them. The second generation Pixel Visual Core designed for Pixel 3 will have the new in house chip-making process to another level in the near future.

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