Microsoft Promotes Its Office 365 Over Office 2019

Microsoft Promotes Its Office 365 Over Office 2019

Microsoft rolled out Office 2019 late in 2018, but if the firm’s new ad is to be considered, the firm would actually prefer if you did not purchase it. Rather, Microsoft’s newest ads pit sets of identical twins opposite each other to finish office-themed tasks, with the outcome displaying that the firm feels you would be much better off with a yearly or monthly subscription to Office 365 rather.

The ads are, put simply, very strange, with Microsoft purposely going out of its way to display just how inefficient and bad the one-time payment edition of its productivity service is in comparison to the continuous stream of updates that it touts for the subscription-supported edition. It is the manner of ad that you would assume Microsoft will employ to display Office’s strengths in comparison to a rival such as Google Drive or Apple’s iWork suite, right down to the heavily skewed jobs that of course favor a particular side.

On a related note, the refurbished portal has apparently been a hit with the efficiency crowd (more than 40% of Office 365 consumers start there), and now it wishes to turn that experience into a default application. It is rolling out a simply-titled Office application for Windows 10 that acts as a center for every modern edition of Office, whether it is the free Office Online suite, a 365 subscription, or offline apps such as Office 2019 and Office 2016. Consider it a beginning point for the daily work, particularly if you frequently employ more than one productivity application.

You can begin separate apps. On the other hand, it will also assist you launch recent, pinned, and shared files. There is also a well-known search equipment that can find files, apps, sites, and people. The Office app will restore My Office if you are an Office 365 consumer and is free.

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