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Momentus, In-space Transportation Leading Manufacturer, Taking New Orders

Momentus, In-space Transportation Leading Manufacturer, Taking New Orders

Momentus has been one of the leading manufacturers of in-space transportation services for quite some time. However, they were temporarily out of service recently. Therefore, the news of them taking new orders has come as a piece of welcoming news for many with the company announcing that they are open for orders for Vigoride as well as the Vigoride Extended Services.

Momentus have even signed their first customers as well. They opened their trade with EXOLAUNCH, who is one of the most reputed launch service company as well as cluster integrator. The deal is worth $6M and they are prepared to use the Vigoride by 2020 and also Vigoride Extended by 2021. Momentus is based in California and is currently working to perfect both the models in order to make the final last-mile payload delivery weighing up to 250 kgs. Any company which may need the services of either of them can download the data sheets.

Momentus is looking to stick to the development of Vigoride and Vigoride Extended Service at the moment as they look to reposition heavyweight payloads from the lower orbits of the Earth to a number of different destinations which includes the Moon, the geosynchronous orbit as well as transfers that are interplanetary. Speaking on more specific terms, the Vigoride is responsible for CubeSats and other smaller satellites on the lower orbit of the planet. On the other hand, the Extended Service one can deliver the satellites to medium and higher orbits. The use of plasma engines using water is one of the major technologies that are used here.

The CEO of Momentus, Mr. Kokorich has said that the company strives to implement the latest technologies in their pipeline models while keeping the costs to a minimum. Collaboration with a company as big as EXOLAUNCH is just the start of many other similar deals, he believes, and Momentus is going to gain the momentum in the market soon again.

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