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Scientists Develop Tool To Identify Recurrence Of Kidney Stones

Scientists Develop Tool To Identify Recurrence Of Kidney Stones

Predicting the recurrence of a kidney stone had been so far a difficult event; but hopefully not anymore! Scientists have developed a tool that will give an insight into this predicament.

A study was conducted based on data from Rochester Epidemiology Project with regard to 3,364 participants who had in all about 4,951 episodes of developing stones from the period 1984-2017. Based on their analysis researchers were able to give some pointers.

People likely to be affected with recurrences would be young males with greater body mass index. Recurrence was closely linked to genetics and earlier pregnancies could also precipitate the problem. Appearance of stones in the lower pole region of the kidney could again precipitate the recurrence. People with 3 to 6 mm diameter sized kidney stone alone were more susceptible to the recurrence.

An updated version of an existing tool for predicting recurrence of kidney stones was developed and the methods were printed in the periodical’ Mayo Clinic Proceedings’ in the early part of the month. It involved the filling of a questionnaire which would have diagnostic information pertaining to the patient in addition to the sex, race and history of kidney stone. A prediction regarding the possibility of recurrence within a period of five to ten years ahead based on the information filled in the designed model would be given. The updated tool would test on about 13 independent parameters. The resulting analysis would be helpful to caregivers and patient’s family to decide on the future course of treatment and mediation alternatives. For example, the rigorousness of implementing dietary plans for the patient could be decided on the prediction given by the tool. Persons who are more likely to face a recurrence will actively pursue the required diet plan as well as embark on drug measures to avoid the possibilities of recurrences in the future.

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