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Ted Baker Chief Resigns Following Allegations Of Misconduct

Ted Baker Chief Resigns Following Allegations Of Misconduct

Following allegations of misconducts, Ray Kevin has been on a voluntary leave since last December. Allegations of forced hugging are being investigated by the company currently. Ray Kevin is the CEO and founder of the fashion retail chain, Ted Baker. He stated in a statement released recently that the company was his life and soul and after being accused of such a horrific crime, stepping down from his position was the right thing to do. He explained that the past few months it turned out to be stressful for him, while he had been helping the investigation team with valuable information as and when necessary.

Kevin had owned almost 35 % of the company, hence making him eligible for a severance pay. Although any bonus he was entitled to, due from the performance of the company in the last 3 years would lapse. Last December, the employees of the organization had sanctioned a petition, accusing him of inappropriate behavior and comments. This petition was featured in the website of the workplace, Organise. It was signed and forwarded by more than 200 employees of the Baker organization. This petition was put into motion after more than 50 such incidents of harassment had been reported against him.

The staff stated that the founder of the organization would occasionally ask them for inappropriate hugs and also ask the young female employees of the organization to bend down on their knees, allowing him to massage their ears. When Mr. Kevin was asked to comment about such allegations, he said that the right thing to do was to allow the investigation team of the organization to reach to the bottom of this. The Ted Baker fashion retail was founded back in 1988 and currently has more than 500 outlets in UK and well as other countries abroad.

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