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WhatsApp Can Now Be Locked With Touch ID Or Face ID

WhatsApp Can Now Be Locked With Touch ID Or Face ID

Authorization to WhatsApp’s iOS application can now be defended employing your biometric security of phone. Relying on your iPhone device, you will get the choice of employing either Touch ID or Face ID to limit access to the app. The function was made accessible with edition 2.19.20 of WhatsApp, and can be turned on from the Privacy menu of the app within Account Settings.

Although you cannot defend your messages on a per-chat ground, the new coating of biometric security must offer the contents of your messages more security even if your handset itself is unlocked already. You will need to be careful about your notification settings if you select to secure your application, although, particularly message previews. If you have them switched on then you will be capable of both seeing and replying to any texts without having to open the app. You will also be capable of responding to any WhatsApp calls without requiring to first unlocking the app.

On a related note, WhatsApp earlier rolled out a brand new function and it is going to alter your group conversations. The newest inclusions to the service allow consumers to watch shared videos in the main chat using a small window. It indicates that you can carry on chatting with your friends while seeing the videos they have sent.

Most consumers must already have the update, and will be capable of using the PiP feature instantly, the media claims. If you cannot see clips you can update the app manually that might sort your issue. Previous month’s update permits consumers of the popular service to chat privately in a group chat. It indicates that you will be capable of replying to particular group members, keeping your chats invisible to everybody else. WhatsApp is a popular application, able to exchange pics with family, bring together friendship groups, and communicate data for work.

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