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NHS Encourages People To Know Their BP, Cholesterol Levels

NHS Encourages People To Know Their BP, Cholesterol Levels

People are being asked to know and remember their blood pressure and cholesterol levels since these can act as life saviors. Approximately 40 health care organizations have joined a campaign to convince people to make NHS health check up, a part of their routine. Doctors should also become more conscious and give priority to patients who seem to be at risk. Cardiovascular disease has been reported to be the cause of 1 in every 4 deaths occurring in England. Maintaining bad health, artery health can also lead up to heart failure, severe kidney disease, arterial complications or vascular dementia. Therefore, Health care centers are improving the diagnosis and further treatment of symptoms that can result to CVD which are high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol and artial fibrillation within next 10 years.

Since these diseases have no regular symptoms and are therefore difficult to detect, experts are suggesting people above the age of 40 should take up free NHS health check up. Appointments can be registered through GP surgeries. It can also available at shopping centers or nearby pharmacy stores. PHE has in fact asked people to check residential areas to find out the places where the check up is being provided.

Duncan Selbie, the CEO of Public Health in England mentioned that it is indeed shameful that we memorize our bank account numbers and pin codes but are negligent about numbers that can save our lives. Several lives can be saved if the blood pressure and cholesterol levels are known at times and doctors do not have to waste time after diagnosing these simple things. Health Secretary of England, Matt Hancock told that nearly half the people with increased levels of blood pressure continue with their daily lifestyle and work without even being bothered or seeking treatment. It is time people should become responsible.

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